LoveFilm Launching PS3 Streaming Service


A YouTube slip up has revealed Sony’s plans to bring a movie streaming service to European PS3s.

The U.S. has been enjoying Netflix on its consoles for some time now, but the rest of the world has had to do without. That may be changing however, as Netflix’s European cousin, LoveFilm is apparently coming to the PS3 very soon.

The announcement was made very quietly on a YouTube video on the official PS3 channel, but that video has since been removed, suggesting that it went live before it was supposed to. The service would allow LoveFilm subscribers to stream movies via their PS3 and manage their movie and game rental lists. The applicable LoveFilm subscriptions are a little bit more expensive than their Netflix equivalents, between £13 and £19 – or around $20 to $30 – compared with $10 for Netflix, but the LoveFilm unlimited subscriptions allow users to have more discs at once.

Netflix has been a sore subject for some European gamers, because the service gets a lot of attention, but is only available in two countries – the U.S. and Canada. While LoveFilm doesn’t cover everywhere in Europe – just the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway – it does go some way to evening things out.

Source: MCV

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