Lunar Flight Lifts Off


Lunar Flight, the hi-tech remake of the classic space lander game, is now available to the public.

Lunar Flight first appeared on my screen in March 2011, when Sean Edwards of Shovsoft announced that he was bringing the classic 70s lunar lander sim into the next millennium. Gone were the simple “up-down-left-right” control scheme and 2D side view, replaced by a complex control panel, multiple viewing angles, missions, achievements, an online leaderboard and more. It’s obviously more of an “inspired by” than a remake; calling it a remake is like calling the space shuttle a remake of your bicycle.

A closed beta has been kicking around for awhile and now aspiring astronauts everywhere can finally get their hands on it, as the 1.0 release has been turned loose on Desura. It’s a beautiful and remarkably detailed sim, but be warned: this isn’t some kind of Afterburner thing where you hop into the cockpit and yank your joystick to victory. Lunar Flight requires patience, a deft touch, patience, a willingness to invest in the learning process and patience. Did I mention patience?

Going hand-in-hand with the launch is a sexy new launch trailer, which should make it clear that if you’re any kind of wanna-be space cowboy, Lunar Flight is the game for you. You won’t save the galaxy from the Shivans but you might get your cargo delivered on time and under budget, and that’s what counts! Get all the details at

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