MacFarlane: We’d Have To Be High To Kill Family Guy‘s [SPOILERS]


Time-traveling Stewie saves the day.

So, it was briefly a thing, and now it is maybe less of a thing: Family Guy‘s Brian the Dog, last seen pushing up daisies, is alive and well. “Thank you for saving my life,” says Brian, as time-traveling Stewie pulls him out from under the wheels of a car. “A lot of other families would have just gotten another dog and moved on.”

“You didn’t really think we’d kill Brian, did you?” Seth MacFarlane Tweets. “Jesus, we’d have to be fucking high.” Brian, says MacFarlane, is overcome with gratitude by people’s concern.

Presumably this means the end of Vinnie, Brian’s replacement, who made all this possible by helping Stewie get his time travel device back. But then, how many people really care about Vinnie?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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