Machinarium Dev Keeps Art Games Flowing With Three New Titles

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The studio behind Machinarium has announced it’ll treat our eyes to three new visually compelling games.

Amanita Design was somewhat quiet after it released Machinarium on the PC in 2009, aside from efforts to port the adventure game to the Wii and the PlayStation Network. The studio recently divulged to PC Gamer that it’s actually working on three new projects in addition to these ports.

One of these projects is the third in the point-and-click Samorost series. Samorost 3 is still very early in development, so there aren’t any images available yet. However, Amanita calls it the studio’s “big project,” and promises it’ll be much deeper than the somewhat short first and second entries.

The other two titles are completely new, starting with Osada. Osada is an interactive music video that uses a genre of tunes described as “Czech psychedelic country.” It combines realistic photos with other forms of art to create something that appears bizarre from early screenshots. Amanita says you have to play Osada to understand what it is. It’ll be available sometime in April as free PC download from Amanita’s website.

Last, there’s Botanicula, a new adventure game in Amanita’s signature style. Instead of the buckets of bolts featured in Machinarium, Botanicula stars five different types of plant “critters” that are trying to save the last seed of their world from parasites. Screenshots show the critters walking around on branches and leaves, so Botanicula looks like Amanita’s take on nature as opposed to the mechanical world of Machinarium. Amanita says Botanicula is “quite large,” and only 50% complete. It’s expected for release on the PC by the end of 2011.

Playing cowboy table tennis to psychedelic country? Saving nature from parasites as five cute little plant creatures? I’m in.

Source: PC Gamer

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