Mad Catz Promises More SFIV Gear Is Coming


Facing the wrath of a horde of angry fighting game fans holding backorder receipts for those super-swanky arcade sticks they (under)produced for Street Fighter IV, Mad Catz finally has good news to deliver: more sticks are coming in the next month.

For serious fighting game players and scrubs wanting to get serious for the first time, Mad Catz’s Street Fighter IV FightSticks, both the pretty swell Standard version and the top-tier Tournament Edition, seemed like the way to go for their top-of-the-line fighting peripherals. It was perfect timing for Mad Catz – a whole new audience of players, many of whom didn’t want to brave the back waters of modding and try building their own sticks.

If only they’d figured that out before they only produced enough product to meet a fraction of the pre-orders that were placed in the weeks leading up to SFIV‘s release. Some people got their sticks late, some didn’t get them at all. For those sad folks, Mad Catz and Capcom have good news: There’s more coming.

“We have been working closely with Mad Catz to get more; especially the Tournament Editions,” Capcom wrote. “Rest assured, your patience will be rewarded. We will have a few more to send out this month and by the end of April, Mad Catz is confident that they will have most, if not all, of the orders completed.”

Good news if you already have a pre-order placed, but maybe only relatively decent for people who are looking to pick one up fresh. You might have to wait a little longer for that, but at least they’re coming.

Oh, and, for the record, I didn’t use a TE FightStick to win our recent Escapist staff SFIV throwdown. I’m one of those guys still waiting on their stick to come. To best my opponents I used a budget-line Hori Fighting Stick EX2 with a half-broken X button, which meant I couldn’t use Strong Punch or Focus Attack reliably. And yet I still triumphed (and am still gloating).

[Via Capcom Unity]

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