molten core card back

You can now pre-order the Blackrock Mountain adventure for an exclusive card back.

The trickle of Blackrock Mountain information continues today with the reveal of the Mage, Hunter and Warlock’s class-specific cards. Additionally, the adventure is now available to pre-order on all of it’s platforms (PC, Mac, iOS and Android), although, only for real money. If you are willing to slap down the $24 in advance, your reward will be the exclusive Molten Core card back you can see to the right.

The three new cards brings the total of cards revealed for the adventure to 12. You can check out the previously revealed cards here and here.

Now lets check out what the Mage, Warlock and Hunter have been given to play with this time:

First up is the Mage’s Flamewalker – a card that looks like it would have good synergy with spell-heavy Mage decks, and maybe even in those spare part-heavy mechmage decks…

Next we have the Hunter’s Core Rager, a card that rewards you for recklessly playing everything in your hand. May be useful for face Hunters looking for that final endgame push.

Lastly, we’ve got the Warlock’s Imp Gang Boss, who will call his buddies for help if you gang up on him.

It’ll be interesting to see how these new cards shift the game’s meta.

Source: Blizzard

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