Magic Journey Into Nyx Launch Weekend, Tournaments Details


Details include Launch Weekend information along with Pro Tour, Grand Prix, and Game Day information.

The new Magic: The Gathering set Journey Into Nyx kicks off for a prerelease weekend at local game stores everywhere April 26th and 27th. Journey Into Nyx will conclude the Theros block, and includes a few new and interesting mechanics. Journey into Nyx is a set of 165 cards. With the full card set of Journey into Nyx now known to us, the experts in our Magic column Hexproof have taken the liberty of breaking down the best and worst cards in the set for you.

The storyline of Journey Into Nyx highlights final hours of the story on the plane of Theros, where where the gods have sent their forces against mortals to punish their hubris. Theros is a plane inspired by Greek mythology, filled with heroes and monsters like Hydra.

There’s also a Journey Into Nyx trailer, which you can watch right here, featuring animated versions of much of the card art:


Here’s the list of official dates and details for the set’s events.

  • Prerelease: April 26-27. Players will enter the seventh quest of the Hero’s Path, selecting a prerelease pack to use. More info found here
  • Launch Weekend: May 2-4. As the set launches, players in organized play will be asked to solve a puzzle in the eighth quest on the Hero’s Path. Booster packs, intro packs, and the Fat Pack will go on sale – see here.
  • Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx: May 16-18. Taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, the Pro Tour for Journey Into Nyx will be the high level play debut of the new cards. $250,000 dollars in cash prizes will be up for grabs over the three days. It will be livestreamed. Details at Wizards’ site.
  • Game Day: May 24-25. Game Day will be the final quest in the Heroes’ path, finishing off the mass play for the Theros block. A plays-itself challenge deck will be available, featuring a combat against the god Xenagos and his followers. Additionally, a 60-card event deck will be for sale. More game day details here.
  • Game Day Manchester: May 30 – June 1. UK and European players will be able to have their game day at the close of next month at Event City in Mahcnester United Kingdom, with a minimum prize pool of $35,000. No extra details are available from Wizards about this one, for now.

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