Majesty Is Dead, Long Live Majesty 2


Majesty was an underappreciated fantasy kingdom sim that let heroes do their own work, while you provided them with “rewards” for doing what you wanted. Majesty 2 is more of the same, only much prettier.

Back in 2000, the fantasy world was reborn with Majesty by Cyberlore Studios, where you ruled the land of Ardania with
a Dungeon Keeper style, earning it the Pleasant Surprise of the Year award from Computer Gaming World. Almost a decade later, Paradox Interactive is updating it for a second quarter release.

What made Majesty so different was that all the units in Ardania are autonomous, in that they go where they want to, not where you tell them. What you can do is offer them treasure to go where you’d like them to go, and services back home to train them up, and generally get back all their hard-won loot in taxes.

One of the other things you have to watch for is the negative elements of society. Too many deaths and you’ll need a graveyard, and we all know what graveyards lead to: the shambling undead.

The other thing that really made Majesty was the voices. In a similar vein to Warcraft, each of them spoke with “outrageous” accents, and that’s one thing that’s sure to be kept. Especially the “Shorn Connory” announcer.

Source: Blue’s News

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