Majora’s Mask Speed Runner Beats Game in an Hour and Half


Speed runner EnNopp112 has been repeatedly breaking his own Majora’s Mask records since the beginning of 2014.

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article mistakenly claimed the speed run in question didn’t exploit glitches. To clarify, glitches were used. Our apologies for any confusion caused as a result.

Last week, we reported on speed runner Cosmo Wright and his record breaking Ocarina of Time run which saw him beating the game in less than 19 minutes. Ocarina of Time, of course, wasn’t the only Zelda game to grace to call the N64 home. The console also played host to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask which, much like its predecessor, has speed runners of its own.

Most notable among these, at the moment at least, would be EnNopp112. A native of Sweden, he’s recently made a hobby of dominating Majora’s Mask, running through the game and beating his own record once every few weeks since the beginning of 2014. His most recent run, for instance, saw him completing the game in 1 hour, 28 minutes and 51 seconds.

The kicker is that his efforts involve no cheats. Granted, he doesn’t collect all of the game’s masks (doing that took him 5 and a half hours) but, even then, it’s a pretty danged impressive feat. Just personally, Majora’s Mask took me months to finish. The very idea of someone sitting down and finishing it less than a day even flat out boggles my mind. Take a gander at EnNopp112’s latest speed run video and let us know your impressions.

Source: Kotaku

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