Man Makes Fully-Functioning Retractable Wolverine Claws


To be fair, I’d probably be as excited as he was if I got to play with these things…

YouTuber Colin Furze makes cool engineering/metalwork projects on his channel, and now, he’s taken on the coolest challenge of all – making a pair of fully-functional retractable wolverine claws.

“The first ever fully automatic wolverine claws that deploy AND retact automatically. These beautiful 12-inch stainless steel claws fire out at the touch of a button and bring me as close as anyone has to feeling like they have adamantium claws. I think these are best on the net so hope you like em.”

While many have attempted this feat before, none have come even close to Colin’s magnificent creations, which are completely automatic and can deploy and retract at the mere push of a button, with a very satisfying SNIKT! They even spark when he rubs them together, just like the real thing.

The video you’ll see the right is mostly just Colin excitedly playing around with his new toys, so if you’d like to get a bit more insight into how he actually put them together, be sure to check out the “making of” video.

Source: YouTube

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