Man Murders Girlfriend Over GTA


A Lincolnshire man has stabbed the mother of his children multiple times as a result of her obsession with GTA.

The court heard testimony this week that Malcolm Palmer, 62, stabbed Carol Cannon, 46, 20 times with a pair of knives. The attack was the culmination of events that, apparently, began with the purchase of a PS3 for their son, James.

James was allowed to play until midnight, at which point, mother Carol would take over and play GTA, frequently until five or six in the morning. Carol apparently enjoyed her gaming enough to bring the 37 inch plasma screen into the bedroom, forcing Palmer to sleep on the couch.

Palmer became convinced that she was having an affair, and when she said she was moving out in November last year, he was said to enter a “violent rage”.

James called the police after the attack. When they were on the line, his father took the phone from him and told the authorities, “I’m sorry. I think I’ve killed her.”

Palmer will be sentenced tomorrow after admitting to the murder charge.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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