Man Wins Fight Against “Lunatic Ninja” Kangaroo


A man in Australia has been branded a “hero” after he saved his family from a “lunatic ninja” kangaroo while wearing just his boxers.

Canberra, Australia is the home of Beat Ettin, his wife Vera and his two children. It’s also the site of one of the weirdest “When Animals Attack” story outside of videogames.

The “lunatic ninja” kangaroo, as it was named by Ettin, had been roaming the area before smashing through Ettin’s window.

Terrified, Ettin dragged his wife and daughter beneath the bed clothes as the crazed marsupial kicked at the covers. But when it made an attempt to go into his son’s bedroom, Ettin said enough was enough.

Channeling the spirit of Crocodile Dundee, Beat leapt across dressed only in his strides, slammed a headlock onto the ‘roo and chucked him out of the door.

It was only then that he looked around at the devastation. Blood smeared walls and shredded furniture looked back at him as he felt his torn buttocks through what remained of his undies.

The real twist in this tale comes from the fact that Beat isn’t Australian, he’s Swiss. Who said the Swiss Army was neutral?

Source: The Register

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