Manhunt 2 Thumbs-Up in Holland


Despite being banned in the U.K. and caught up in a rating controversy in North America, Manhunt 2 is still welcome within the borders of Holland.

While it remains illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to purchase the game, the Dutch government refused to take action to block the game’s availability. Apparently, doing so would break a regional law that “considers adults capable of making their own decisions.” Dutch Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin also called for a unified E.U. rating system, although such a scheme may prove difficult given the great variance in cultural norms across the region. As well, he announced his ministry was investigating new laws to protect youths from exposure to inappropriate material.

Rockstar’s upcoming Manhunt 2 was originally rated AO (Adult Only) in North America, and a recent decision to drop the rating to M (Mature) after Rockstar had modified the game’s content was met with controversy. Prior to that, in mid-June, the game was banned in the U.K. by the British Board of Film Classification and in the Republic of Ireland by the Irish Film Censor’s Office; it is expected to receive similar treatment in Germany.

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