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Manor Lords Might Have the Best-Looking Capes in Video Games

Manor Lords Steam Next Fest demo cool cape capes Slavic Magic Hooded Horse

Manor Lords has become one of the top-wishlisted games on Steam thanks to its lush medieval world and promise of engaging strategy, but we need to take a step back and look at its immaculate physics for capes. We took notice of the magnificent, flowing threads after spotting a video captured by PC Gamer. You see, Manor Lords is a city-building game where players can create living towns filled with NPCs who go about their medieval days as the seasons pass by. It all feels organic, so it’s especially nice to see that there is a neat mechanic that allows players to live amongst their citizens as a noble avatar. The character offers perspective, but more importantly, he’s dressed to the nines.

Sure, there are lots of things to love when it comes to developer Slavic Magic’s authentic visuals; the intricate architecture, changing seasons, and massive battles are all standouts. However, these Manor Lords avatars have a hop in their step that lets the capes shine. As you trot around your ideal medieval town, the cape bounces with you, sporting a near photorealistic look through every turn. Even if Manor Lords somehow fails to live up to expectations, it will still have some of the most stunning capes we’ve ever seen.

Manor Lords has no PC release date, but you can jump into a demo as part of Steam Next Fest right now. It’s a small slice cooked up by Slavic Magic that lets players taste one of Steam’s most anticipated strategy games. While its city-building features obviously get the spotlight they deserve, make sure you take some time to strap on that cape when you jump in.

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