Mario Kart and Skateboarding Collide In This Incredible Video

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This video ripped straight from the fantasies of every 8 year-old ever places “Luigi” in a live-action, longboard Mario Kart race.

It’s pretty much a universally accepted fact that no game will ever top Mario Kart in terms of replayability, which is why even to this day, someone can make a name for themselves through mere association with one of the pillars of the N64 (alongside Goldeneye, Starfox, and Ocarina of Time, obviously).

That someone, or someones in this case, are Youtubers Corridor Digital, who beautifully melded the worlds of longboarding and Kart in this live-action short, “Mario Skate.” Not unlike the the real-life Mortal Kombat fatalities video we came across last week, “Mario Skate” pays homage to a classic game while achieving some rather impressive technical feats of it’s own. I mean, how in God’s name did they ever construct that giant, lava-filled canyon in the middle of (what I’m assuming is) a busy Los Angeles neighborhood? Astounding.

As it turns out, “Mario Skate” is only one of many live-action video game tributes that Corridor Digital has under their belt, so head over to their Youtube channel to check out such equally subversive shorts as “Real GTA”, “Minecraft: The Last Minecart”, and more. In case you’re wondering how they actually pulled “Mario Skate” off, we’ve thrown the making of featurette below for your convenience.


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