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Mario Party Superstars Revealed with Classic Boards, 100+ Minigames

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Nintendo revealed a new Mario Party title at today’s E3 event — well, sort of. Mario Party Superstars is a collection of boards and games that have appeared in previous Mario Party titles, making this more like a remaster than a new entry in the series. It’ll launch on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 29, and it’s currently available for preorder at the Nintendo Store. The game will include five boards from “the Nintendo 64 era,” with the two they showed in the trailer being Peach’s Birthday Cake (looks delicious) and Space Land.

Mario Party Superstars will also include over 100 minigames from parties past, and all of them will work with online multiplayer, local co-op, and same system play. Some of the minigames shown and mentioned include Mushroom Mix-Up and Shy Guy Says. You can be matched up with random players all over the world and use stickers to communicate. Given that one of the major complaints about the previous game in the series, Super Mario Party, was the lack of boards and other content, as well as the (then) lack of online play, it appears Nintendo was taking notes.

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