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Mario’s New Look in the Super Mario Movie May Have Leaked a Day Early

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Tomorrow, Nintendo and animation studio Illumination will share the first trailer for The Super Mario Bros Movie at New York Comic Con and in a dedicated Nintendo Direct. Yesterday, we saw the first poster for the movie, a gorgeous look at the Mushroom Kingdom that shows Mario from the back. And today, a first glimpse at a slightly new look and face for Mario in the movie have seemingly leaked — via an alleged McDonald’s employee in the Discord sever of streamer ConnorEatsPants.

As you can see below in the alleged movie render, it definitely looks like the Mario we’ve always known and loved — but his face is slightly different, just different enough to stop and ponder it. Droves of people have already scrutinized this new look, determining that movie Mario has slightly smaller eyes and a slightly larger mouth on his still lovable face. Personally, I dig it, and it’s probably important from a marketing perspective that movie Mario has some distinguishing qualities to separate it from official 3D video game renders.

Of course, even if this alleged leak is totally bogus, we are only around 26 hours away from seeing what he and the rest of the characters actually look like. So this is just a bit of fun to have ahead of the official reveal. In any case, we can rest assured that we don’t have a Paramount Sonic the Hedgehog situation on our hands.

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