Marvel Gets Cryptic With Everything Ends

Marvel Everything Ends

Marvel has teased another, slightly mysterious comic called Everything Ends for “Spring 2015.”

Another day has come and with it another Marvel teaser had landed. Rather than just announcing the re-visitation of a classic story or the revival of a beloved offshoot however, today’s unveil was a lot more vague and perhaps even a tad apocalyptic.

The image in question was in the same comic cover format as past teasers but differed in that it was basically nothing more than a white backdrop with the “Everything Ends” plastered in its center. It’s also worth noting that its release window is “Spring 2015,” which is several months earlier than the other books announced over the past few weeks. We reached out to Marvel to see if we could procure any further information and they told us to “stay tuned.”

The obvious question, of course, is what Everything Ends will be and mean in the context of the greater Marvel universe. How will it tie into the rest of the company’s recent comic reveals? Or will it even tie in at all? Personally, I’m interested to see if it will have any parallels to the Ultimate Universe: The End event teased late last month. While the dates don’t line line up, the main Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe have had some fairly recent crossovers and I don’t think it’d be out of the question for the events of Everything Ends to spill into or even trigger what happens in The End. What do you think of this latest teaser and Marvel’s overall run of recent reveals? Are we in for an exciting year of comics in 2015 or do you think Marvel’s lining up pins for an inevitable gutter ball?

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