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Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are finally dropping Spider-Man content into the PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers on November 30. The With Great Power Hero Event adds a story to untangle and challenges to unlock as players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 finally take control of Peter Parker. You can read a story synopsis below:

Peter Parker learns of a deadly new threat and must partner with the Avengers to stop AIM from acquiring technology that could make their synthoid army unstoppable. Insistent on keeping his identity hidden, Parker forms a tentative friendship with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow and must struggle with the new dynamics of working with a team. Will he join up full time with the Avengers, or stay independent in his fight against AIM?

No images or video of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers have been released yet, but that means you can probably expect to see a trailer sometime in the next few weeks.

The release date also marks the addition of Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.2, which adds a host of new gameplay changes to all versions of the game. One of the most exciting bits of content is the Discordant Sound Raid, which puts villain Klaw in the spotlight. The Raid is described as a true test of end-game teamwork that requires players to be at their best. Marvel’s Avengers players are also getting a power-level increase from 150 to 175. Additionally, you’ll be able to recycle higher-level gear to upgrade current gear. Shipments are also coming, a new option for players to earn specific cosmetics, resources, and more using in-game currency.

Marvel’s Avengers ushered in the people of Wakanda with its Black Panther content drop earlier this year. Just as with the launches of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, Black Panther’s release brought its own suite of changes to the experience to help liven up Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ live-service title. Despite no official images of Spider-Man, you can at least take a peek at this month’s roadmap below.

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