Mass Effect 2 “Best Game in the History of BioWare”


This month’s Mass Effect 2 will probably be good, but just how good, you ask? Well, according to producer Adrien Cho, it’s easily the best game BioWare has ever made.

You know how people shake their heads and tsk-tsk when a developer releases a game in the incredibly crowded holiday season, because it’s not like they’re not up against quality competition, right? Yeah, well, 2010 is kind of like that the entire way through (seriously, check the amount of big-name games coming out this year, it’s kind of nuts). When asked by CVG if he was concerned about releasing his game around other high-profile titles like Bayonetta, Dark Void and BioShock 2, though, Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho all but laughed it off.

The reason? Cho thinks ME2 is the best game the Edmonton-based studio has ever produced, and is confident that the RPG sequel will “blow people out of the water.”

“We’re so proud of the game that I’m not worried at all,” said Cho, “[BioWare CEO] Ray Muzyka was talking to me about this; of all the games we’ve made so far this was able to encapsulate everything we’ve been trying to do in games and present it in such a digestible form. Each game we’ve put out has been great, each game has flaws, whereas this one represents the pinnacle BioWare experience.”

“If you’re going to play one BioWare game ever in your life, this is the one to try.”

BioWare has reportedly fixed quite a few things that gamers didn’t like from the original Mass Effect, and Senior Editor Susan Arendt quite liked what she saw up in their frozen Canadian battle fortress. But then again, BioWare is also the company that brought us Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Knights of the Old Republic (and most recently Dragon Age). Those are tough acts to follow.

We’ll know when the game comes out this month.


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