Mass Effect 2 DLC Delayed


A bit of bad news for anyone tearing into Mass Effect 2 today: BioWare has announced that the launch day DLC meant to introduce Zaeed to the game will be delayed for a day or two.

It’s not the most auspicious way to kick-off Mass Effect 2 Day: Zaeed, the “gritty bounty hunter” included as part of the Mass Effect 2 launch day DLC, won’t actually be ready to go right away. He was meant to come along with the Cerberus Network, accessible to Mass Effect 2 buyers through a single-use code included with each new copy of the game, but Project Manager Michael Gamble revealed in a forum post earlier today that the character is currently unavailable.

“Sorry all, we’ve had some delays with Zaeed,” he wrote. “Your Cerberus account should still be able to access Normandy crash.”

Gamble didn’t offer any explanation for the delay, but did say that the character should be ready to go by Wednesday or Thursday.

In other news, the fate of Return to Ostagar, the Dragon Age: Origins DLC that was scheduled for release on January 5, is still a complete freakin’ mystery.

via: Kotaku

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