Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trailer Goes “Special Forces”


The new Mass Effect 3 “Special Forces” trailer shows off the classes and races that will go to war in the multiplayer mode of BioWare’s upcoming sci-fi epic.

I’m still not entirely clear on how a “one man against the galaxy” RPG mutates into a multiplayer online shooter over the course of two sequels, but at least now I have some idea about how it’ll work. And from the looks of this trailer, it’ll work pretty much like every other team-based multiplayer online shooter: different classes working together to accomplish a mission-based goal.

The twist, I guess, is that along with the various classes, players will also be able to suit up as one of the game’s primary races – Human, Turian, Asari, Salarian, Krogan, Quarian and Drell – each of which will presumably bring unique strengths to particular classes. Don’t quote me on that, but it seems to me that if I need a top-notch Infiltrator to get some stealth work done, I’m probably not going to go looking for a Krogan to do it.

Mass Effect 3 comes out on March 6 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to figure out why Shepard’s omni-blade makes that metallic “shink” sound when he turns it on.

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