Mass Effect: Arrival Arrives Later This Month


Arrival, the latest, greatest and last DLC release for Mass Effect 2, is less than two weeks away.

I’ve been looking forward to Mass Effect: Arrival ever since BioWare revealed that DLC would bridge the gap between Mass Effect 2 and ME3, and now, finally, it’s here – almost. We’ll actually have to wait until March 29 for Arrival to arrive.

As hinted at by the trophies that were accidentally revealed on the PlayStation 3 in February, Arrival will see Commander Shepard and his crew traveling to the very edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may have evidence about an imminent Reaper invasion. “Mass Effect: Arrival is an exciting extension to Mass Effect 2 and will show players just how close the Reapers are to returning and completing their deadly harvest,” said Mass Effect Executive Producer Casey Hudson.

As an added bonus, Lance Henriksen, the man who can turn crap into gold just by showing up, will return to play a “prominent role” as Admiral Hackett, the faceless voice of the Human Systems Alliance. Mass Effect: Arrival will sell for 560 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, 560 BioWare Points on the PC and $6.99 on the PlayStation 3.

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