Master Python With a Seven Course Bundle For Just $39


If you’re wondering why you should learn Python, look no further than the sites that already use it-Dropbox and YouTube sound familiar? Now if you’re wondering how to go about learning Python, look no further than our Ultimate Python Coding Bundle, now $49 at Escapist Deals.

This bundle will not only help you master Python, it’ll also help your learn your way around tools that’ll take your code and projects to the next level. Start by writing maintainable, reusable code, creating tools and utility programs, and writing code to automate software. Then dig into Bootstrap, Git, D3.js, and Flask. They’ll help you create responsive sites, create custom web layouts and elements, work with multiple people on a project, make data-driven apps, use cookies to create a personalized user experience, and build an authentication and authorization system-all the things that take code from good to great.

Get the Ultimate Python Coding Bundle for $49 at Escapist Deals.

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