Mayhem Miller Gets Fired Up at EA Sports MMA Producer


Ranking a group of mixed martial arts fighters can not be an easy task, especially when you have to reveal their ranks face-to-face.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller apparently did not get scared off by UFC President Dana White’s comment that any fighter to appear in EA Sports MMA would be blacklisted from the UFC. Miller will be featured in the game anyway, and as we see in this video, got an actual chance to visit EA to check out the game.

But, things did not go as planned, and the fighter took offense once he saw his actual stats in the game. Something about his character just didn’t sit right; maybe it was his “foot speed” or “arm submissions” ratings. Whatever it was, Mayhem got pretty peeved and he took it up with the man in charge. That’s after he took a jump in the giant ball pit in the center of the conference room table.

Jason has always been unique, and often hilarious, garnering a following of fans that he calls “Mayhem Monkeys.” He has nearly 30 professional fights under his belt, though he lost his UFC debut (and only UFC appearance) to Georges St-Pierre, now six-time defending UFC Welterweight Champion. He has, however, won the majority of his 13 fights after that loss, and now hosts Bully Beatdown on MTV. Definitely not a guy I’d want to mess with, even with his sometimes humorous demeanor.

(Via Kotaku)

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