Meet the Team For Issue 56


Each week we ask a question of our staff and featured writers to learn a little bit about them and gain some insight into where they are coming from.

This week’s question is:

How do you keep real life at bay? If videogaming really is escapism, how do you make sure no one comes looking for you when you don’t want to be found?

Laura Genender, “There Goes the Neighborhood”

I lock the door.

JR Sutich, Contributing Editor

(JR Sutich couldn’t be reached for comment as all emails, IMs and phone calls went unanswered. There is a stench emanating from his apartment, however, that smells of feline posterior.)

Joe Blancato, Associate Editor

Barring the occasional run-in with my dog (who knew these things had mammalian bodily functions?), I crank up the volume, turn off the cell phone and shut the door. With any luck, I won’t hear about the world ending until I finish the next chapter.

Russ Pitts, Associate Editor

I’ve always found that frequently relocating, changing my name and being generally rude to unannounced visitors works pretty well. It does make it hard to organize pick-up bridge, though.

Jon Hayter, Producer

Honestly, if I really want to escape into a book, movie or videogame – I’ll turn off my cell, lock my door and proceed. This pisses off my friends, but hey, escapism is escapism.

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