Mega Man 10: The Rap Video


Mega Man 10 has only been out for a week, but one fan has already paid homage to the game – in rap form.

Nerdcore rapper “Random” is no stranger to laying phat rhymes atop Capcom’s Mega Man series: He’s the man behind the excellent “Mega Ran” album (personal favorites: “Galaxy Man”, and the Random-vs-The-Megas “Metal Man”), after all. So when it was revealed that he’d put together a short Mega Man 10 single, that was pretty dope.

And now? Well, now it has a music video, as you see above this text. One can only hope that this is the precursor to a true Mega Ran 10 album – and if you want to encourage the guy and make it easier for him to pay the bills while writing awesome videogame rap, why not buy the single for $0.99 on iTunes?

(Capcom Unity)

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