Mega Man X Coming To 3DS This Thursday [UPDATE]


Out of nowhere, a Super Nintendo classic is making the leap to Nintendo’s latest handheld.

Though, given the facts, I’m not sure why this move is so surprising. Let’s examine, shall we?

According to a blurb on Capcom’s European community site, Mega Man X will be released on the 3DS’ eShop on March 8 for the likely-trend-setting price of 800 Nintendo points (aka $8 in real person money). This is important for two key reasons:

First, unless I missed a memo, this is the first time a SNES title will be appearing in downloadable form on the handheld. Presumably more games from the 16-bit era will be following shortly.

Second, objectively speaking, Mega Man X is an great game, and certainly earns its status as a “classic.” Outside of Street Fighter II, it’s likely Capcom’s most beloved SNES game, and given the frankly stupid-huge number of awesome games the company churned out during that era, that’s a pretty solid accomplishment.

So, verdict? We’re all pleased about this one, right? I mean, even you people still smarting over Capcom’s repeated attempts to kick sand in Mega Man’s robotic face over the past year have to be happy about this one, right?

C’mon internet, don’t let me down here! You guys just gotta find something to whine about here! That’s, like, your thing man!

UPDATE: Bad news kids. It seems that Mega Man X is actually scheduled to appear on the Wii’s Virtual Console, not the 3DS. Capcom left a pretty big typo in the original announcement.

This is where you should commence with the whinin’.

Source: Capcom Europe

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