Megatron Transforms into Old Spice Guy


Did you know that real Transformers fans prefer Decepticons one bajillion times more than those snivelling Autobots?

Now that the previous Old Spice Guy is off righting wrongs with the Avengers, Decepticon leader Megatron has stepped in to fill the void. He’s not quite so ridiculously handsome, but he is a very large and very powerful man … er, robot.

Put together by NGSMOOV, a group of animators and CGI artists, to promote the official Transfomers Collectors Club, the video is a faithful recreation of the first Old Spice commercial starring Isaiah Mustafa from the beginning of the year, with a distinctly Decepticon twist.

The whole thing is just so wonderfully bizarre, it’s almost impossible not to laugh. It’s a shame it’s a one-off, because I’d have loved to have seen Megatron’s take on some of the other jokes in the campaign, especially as in the Transformers world, a jet ski lion is entirely possible.

Autobot Hand Catch!

Source: Toys R Evil

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