Men Arrested for Stealing Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Collection


Two men were arrested in Japan for stealing a kid’s Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection worth more than $600.

If someone close to you ever stole something valuable, this story might bring back some of those bitter memories. In Kobe, Japan, Two 20-year old men were arrested for stealing their 15-year old “friend’s” Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection. The two unnamed suspects went to their friend’s place on February 18 and after finding the place empty, proceed to pilfer the kid’s 320-strong Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection, which is believed to be valued at over 70,000 yen or roughly $685 in US currency.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of people stealing to fund their hobbies. In China, two ambitious teens chose to steal electric cables from two-story electric poles
just to fund their online gaming addiction. If that wasn’t enough, back in 2010, a cop was arrested for shoplifting a video game at a Walmart in Honolulu.

I think the lesson here is, be careful of your valuables even around your friends, and always make sure that if you leave your stuff inside your house, hide them in a safe place.

Have you ever had something valuable stolen from you by a so-called friend? Share your stories in the comments.

Source: Kobe Shinbun NEXT via Anime News Network

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