Metro 2033, Metro Last Light to Get Facelift for Xbox One, PS4, PC


If you don’t want the games as separate digital downloads for $24.99 each, Metro Last Light Redux will package both Metro titles for $49.99.

Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light were quality shooters when they were released and those with PlayStation 4s or Xbox Ones may want a chance to live life in the subway tunnels of a post-apocalyptic Moscow. Well, this summer, Deep Silver will give those console players that opportunity.

Both titles are being remastered for the next-gen consoles to include the latest 4A Games engine at 60FPS, and will be available separately for $24.99. But if you want both, and the additional DLC that was available for the Season Pass, then you’ll want to grab the Metro Last Light Redux package for $49.99.

In addition to the facelift and extra content, the package will have three modes: Ranger mode with no UI for the hardcore, Survival mode with tougher AI, slower reloads and limited resources, and the more action oriented Spartan mode. It also adds a Check Watch and Check Inventory feature requested by players.

While the package will be available at an as yet undetermined date this summer for consoles, A SteamOS and Linux version is planned “later this year” for PC.

Hey, look, we got video to show it off.

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