Metroid Tribute Album Goes 101 Percent


An expansion to the Metroid tribute album Harmony of a Hunter is in the works.

Released last August to mark 25 years of Metroid, the 36-track Harmony of a Hunter compilation was a pretty big hit. So big, in fact, that an “expansion” entitled 101% Run is now in the works, offering new tracks that couldn’t be squeezed into the original release. The new material will feature some of the artists who worked on the original release as well as a few new names who couldn’t make the first time around.

The makers note that 101% Run isn’t a “brand-new album” but rather a complimentary addition to the existing release. What will be added wasn’t revealed and unfortunately, the new material will not be accompanied by an on-disc release; despite receiving several requests a week, the team says it has no plans to print more Harmony of a Hunter discs in the future.

“We have retained the approach that we took with the first album and promise a diverse range of talent and genres,” Shinesparkers wrote on YouTube. “We hope that this album will be just as good as the original and shows our passion and love for the Metroid franchise.”

The first preview of 101% Run is out now [and playing above] and sounds very impressive, even to my non-Metroid-fan ears. The expansion is expected to be finished later this year, which admittedly isn’t very precise, but you can keep your finger on the pulse and, if you haven’t already, grab the original, excellent Harmony of a Hunter at

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