Michael Jackson’s Thriller Could Become Zombie Movie


Michael Jackson’s zombie music video is now in the running to become an entire zombie movie.

The next big zombie movie could be a major blast from the past. GK Films is reportedly in negotiations to bring the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller to the big screen.

Thriller was the final single released off of Jackson’s album of the same name in 1984, and gained some of its popularity thanks to a music video more than 10 minutes in length. The video follows Michael Jackson as he seriously creeps out his girlfriend by turning into a zombie. In the world of Thriller, zombies can really dance.

The Thriller film, if greenlit, will apparently be written by the scribe behind The Hangover and could have a budget of $50 million. Original Thriller songwriter Rod Temperton is also said to be involved with the project. Michael Jackson’s estate is expected to seal the deal to allow the movie to go forward.

So what would a Thriller movie actually be about? Deadline reports that the plot will involve Vincent Price, the creepy narrator and he who laughs at the end of the music video, and the town he grew up in. This could mean that the movie will follow an city where monsters rise up from time to time wearing awesome red leather outfits. However, considering the sensitivity the Michael Jackson estate has exhibited over the use of Michael Jackson’s Thriller persona, we may not see any red leather at all.

It might sound a little odd to make a movie out of a music video, but Michael Jackson is really popular, and Thriller was a mini-movie on its own anyway. Zombies are big business these days, so it’d probably be best to capitalize on the craze before people move on to ninjas again.

Source: Deadline

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