Microsoft Adds Another Ex-EA Official To Its Roster


Microsoft’s games division is bringing on board yet another ex-EA higher-up – and is creating a new division to accommodate him.

Microsoft has announced that the former Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts, John Schappert, will become the Corporate Vice President of the Xbox 360 console’s Live service.

The position itself was just created by Don Mattrick, former President of Electronic Arts recently brought on the Microsoft team. He was all but exchanged for Peter Moore – who is now in charge of EA’s sports game division.

All the crossover between EA and MS – especially in the Live department – may not sit well with consumers familiar with certain EA tactics for online titles, such as in-game advertising, spotty patches and dropped support.

Unsurprisingly, Mattrick sounded enthusiastic about his latest hire: “I am thrilled to have John join the deep bench of proven talent already on Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. John’s expertise will help us focus on expanding and enriching our market leadership with LIVE in areas like online services while broadening our audience.”

Source: Ars Technica

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