Microsoft Discounts Existing Xbox One Consoles to $279 For a “Limited Time”


Microsoft has cut the price of existing Xbox One consoles to $279 one day after announcing two new Xbox One consoles.

Yesterday at E3, we saw Microsoft announce not one, but two new Xbox One consoles. First came the Xbox One S, and then at the end of their show, Project Scorpio. Now they’re discounting the existingt Xbox One to $279, in what appears to be an attempt to move some inventory out.

Major Nelson made the announcement on Twitter today, and said that the deal was for a “limited time.”

It’s difficult to believe that anyone would run out and grab the existing Xbox One when they Xbox One S is coming in August. Even that console may have issues now that we know Project Scorpio is coming next year. It seems to me that Microsoft may end up with a number of the existing units on their hands unless they make the discount a little more aggressive.

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