Oculus DK2

Microsoft’s Xbox One VR headset is reportedly well into development, and will be formally announced at E3, 2015.

The Oculus Rift, much like the Wiimote before it, is a bold new step in video gaming tech that is gaining a lot of traction, so of course, all of its competitors are rushing to jump on its bandwagon. Sony was quick to announce its own copy-cat: Project Morpheus, but the other two big players (Nintendo and Microsoft) had been fairly silent. Now, TechRadar has learned that Microsoft’s Xbox One VR headset is already well into development, and we will most likely see it at next year’s E3.

According to the sources, who have informed both TechRadar and VR Focus, the Xbox One VR headset dev kits are already in the hands of some developers, suggesting that Microsoft is working hard to get a solid software lineup before formally announcing the device.

A separate source at Digitimes claims that Microsoft plans to unveil the device in 2015, with E3 being strongly hinted at being the specific time and place. The reports from all parties state that the project is being headed up by the team who were previously in charge of Microsoft’s surface tablet.

You know what they say, the greatest form of flattery is imitation, so the boys and girls over at Oculus must feel pretty flattered by this news. What do you guys think? Obviously, its in gaming’s best interests to have VR devices for every platform, as it can hopefully make cross-platform ports of VR titles that much easier.

Sources: TechRadar, VR Focus, Digitimes

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