Microsoft May Be Bringing More of Your Xbox Games to Windows 10


Ahead of the Microsoft E3 presser, there are signs that Microsoft may be bringing more Xbox games to Windows 10.

Ever since Windows 10 launched, Microsoft has been talking up the idea of bringing Windows and Xbox closer together. This morning, we’re seeing signs that they might be doing just that. Apparently Xbox One games have begun showing up in the Windows 10 libraries of Xbox One owners.

A tipster told Polygon that “Each game has a store page listing Windows 10 as a system requirement and list them as ‘Currently unavailable’ when I click the ‘Install’ button.” Apparently the listings include games and DLC bought on the Xbox Store.

If this isn’t a glitch or an error, it could mean that Microsoft is planning to announce an expansion of their cross-buy initiative at the press conference today. It would be similar to the launch of Quantum Break, when buying that game on the Xbox One gave you access on Windows 10 as well.

We’ll find out exactly what Microsoft has in store at their press conference today at 9:30 AM PT / 12:30 PM ET.

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