Microsoft Responds to 360 Failure Rate Survey


Microsoft has responded, in true PR fashion, to Game Informer’s recent claim that the Xbox 360’s failure rate is an uncomfortable 54.2%

TG Daily has acquired a response from Microsoft to the recent Game Informer article However, it may not be the response that anyone would have hoped for.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated:

Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry. We are constantly improving the design, manufacture and performance of the console through extensive testing of potential sources of any problems. Xbox 360 is pleased to maintain the title of ‘most played console’ and the vast majority of Xbox 360 customers have enjoyed a terrific gaming and entertainment experience since their first day, and continue to, day in and day out.

Which could be boiled down to this:

Hey, we messed up, but at least we extended the warranty and mostly fixed the 360’s hardware problems eventually. Plus, you all bought it anyway, so you must not care that much.

Right? Microsoft seems to be in a very unique position, having one of the most defective consoles in history, but with this fact seemingly affecting the 360’s sales very little. Whether it’s price, game selection, or release timing, people seem to love their 360s, no matter what.

Source: TG Daily via Kotaku

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