Microsoft Shows Off New Xbox One S to Kick Off E3 Presser


The new Xbox One is real, and it’s called Xbox One S.

To kick off its E3 presser this morning, Microsoft showed off the newest addition to its console lineup: the Xbox One S. Onstage, Phil Spencer called the console “The smallest Xbox One yet,” and the marketing copy for the console claims it’s a whopping 40% smaller, a significant reduction in size. The unit shown off onstage was a white case, and featured an all new controller.

Features-wise, there’s plenty to talk about in this small unit. It’s capable of 4K Ultra HD video, and will support 4K Ultra HD Bluray. The new console will also include an upgraded version of the Xbox One controller with textured grips on the back, and Bluetooth wireless for added range. One of the console’s USB ports has been moved to the front of the console, and so has the controller pairing button. Missing is a dedicated Kinect port, so if you want to use the motion-sensing camera with your new Xbox One S, you’ll need a USB adapter for it. Word is that Microsoft plans to offer the adapter free to Xbox One owners who upgrade to the new console.

The special launch edition of the Xbox One S will be available in early August, and will feature a 2 TB hard drive, and a $399 price point. Shortly thereafter, the two standard versions will launch, with the 500GB edition coming in at $299 and the 1 TB version at $349.

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