Microsoft Sues Train Company for Destroyed Xboxes


A train crash has killed a shipment of 21,600 Xbox 360 systems and Microsoft is suing for $2 million in damages.

In its filing with the U.S. District Court in Seattle, Microsoft claims shipping company DHL is responsible for the “impact damage, wetting, pilfering and shortage” of 21,600 Xbox 360 consoles in a train derailment in Duke, Texas.

The consoles were traveling from a Microsoft center in McAllen, Texas to Long Beach, California. From there, they were to be shipped by boat to Flextronics Industrials in Hong Kong.

Microsoft says DHL “negligently breached its duties as a common carrier, handler, bailee, warehouseman, agent, or in other capabilities,” and expects the transportation company to cover the lost system sales.

Neither side has since commented on the lawsuit.

Source: GamePro

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