Minecraft Adding Places to Hit the Hay

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Minecraft‘s next update will bring a piece of furniture to rest on when you get sick of playing.

Death may become a lot easier in future versions of Minecraft. Notch, or someone at Minecraft studio Mojang Specifications, revealed to Rock, Paper, Shotgun that the game’s next update will bring with it a comfy place to lay your head.

In other words, a bed. The Minecraft update scheduled to hit on February 22 will add beds that players can sleep in to pass the time, such as sleeping through the night. This is the first phase of the addition of beds.

The second phase might clue us in on the sorts of single-player changes Mojang Specifications has in mind for the future of Minecraft. RPS says that an update will hit sometime in March which will turn beds into a respawn point. When players die, they’ll appear in the last bed they slept in.

If Mojang implements a single-player story mode, beds could be placed throughout the world. In a game filled with creepers, zombie pigs and ghasts, that’d be a pretty helpful addition.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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