Minecraft Developer Working on New Game


Notch has more than Minecraft in his current line of sight.

The Minecraft news just keeps on flowing. After developer Marcus “Notch” Persson revealed the fiery ghasts, the violent zombie pigs, biomes, and an underworld currently called the Slip coming in presumably this weekend’s Halloween update, an interview with Develop reveals future Minecraft features and plans for a new title.

Persson talked about his past as a Flash game developer and says his success with Minecraft likely came from luck, hard work, and the game’s accessibility. As for the future, Persson said that once his company is up and running he plans to get multiplayer fully functioning, including the addition of multiple competitive modes. He revealed that gameplay types such as “capture the flag” will be added that should keep people interested “for a long time.”

Multiplayer isn’t the only aspect Persson will be expanding, as he also detailed some features eventually coming to the single-player mode. Persson said he wants to add a story that will provide “some kind of overarching narrative to the game to drive the player forward and provide a sense of direction.” He also mentioned other new features such as monster towns and alchemy. Just don’t add any zombie pig cities, please.

When Persson’s company eventually reaches its full stride, Persson additionally said he already has someone lined up to start the development of a second title. “Initially, I will keep working on Minecraft and get some help on it, while a friend of mine will lead development of another, unrelated game that we’ve talked about doing for some time now,” he revealed. “Everyone in the company will be involved in both projects to some degree, and once they’re both complete the plan is to move on to a third game as a team.”

Apparently, Persson has plans far beyond the completion of Minecraft, with second and third games already being talked about. Persson says he’s lucky to have such a strong following already, because he’ll be able to “get the word out about new games much faster than before.” With the huge popularity of Minecraft, I think the entire industry will be watching to see what he comes up with next.

Source: Develop

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