Minecraft Invades Real Life


A “professional LARPer” recreated what Minecraft would be like if you played the game in real life.

Gary Bigham is a self-described “pro LARPer.” He decided to take his immense Live Action Role-Playing skills and apply them to his knowledge of the Swedish independent game sensation, Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can beat on anything in the game to produce resources that you can use to build structures or craft items. Bigham seems a little frightened of punching any real animals, and decides to collect sticks to make a shelter. It’s terrifying when a Creeper runs by and knocks it down, all while holding up the horns. For the LARP, Bigham is forced to blow a whistle to indicate that it’s night (because he has an orthodontist appointment later) so it’s even more alarming when the Skeletons and Slimes attack because it’s in slow-motion and in full sunlight. Check out the amazing fight sequence about 3 minutes in.

Luckily, Bigham finds a diamond node, and is able to craft a crystal sword “to fight the skeletons.” He successfully destroys of few of them by throwing his crystal sword at them and them stabbing them repeatedly in convincing LARP fashion. Then it’s speech time:

“I’ve slain the skeletons. I’ve built a kingdom. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve won at the Minecraft LARP,” Bigham proclaims, but then a Creeper creeps up behind him. “No, no, no, no,” Bigham wails before he is beaten.

The video produced by CrazyBorisProduction is a bit on the long side, it could have been cut to under 3 or 4 minutes, but I got more than a few chuckles out of it. I respect the guy playing Gary Bigham for carrying the speech impediment throughout, unless, of course, that’s a real lisp. If so, kudos for the guy poking fun at LARPing and himself in such an entertaining way.

“I have an orthodontist appointment!”

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