Minecraft Meets Bomberman In Explosive New Mod

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In Minecraft you can build anything you can imagine, including classic NES action games.

An inventive duo of Minecraft players using the names “cuzic” and “tempus,” recently constructed this map/level/arena on the Minecraft A2Z server. As you can see, it’s a riff on Hudson Soft’s beloved Bomberman series, complete with apropos, 8-bit music, exploding treasure chests and a foreboding sense of claustrophobia that quickly gives way to a fear of being caught in a random explosion.

While it lacks the series’ trademark cruciform blasts, Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic does an excellent job of replicating the pixelated graphics of the early Bomberman games. At 0:39 in the clip, the camera views the game from above, and the resemblance to a frantic Bomberman match is undeniable.

As impressive as this is, it’s far from the first time we’ve seen a classic game recreated in Minecraft. There’s a Legend of Zelda modification available for those of you who prefer your Hyrulian natives to be a bit more rectangular, and this Katamari Damacy recreation allows players the chance to roll vast chunks of scenery into a wildly imperfect sphere.

If you’re a Minecraft fan who suddenly has an urge to explode your cuboid compatriots, you can find full details on joining the Minecraft A2Z server on the group’s website. Every description I’ve found of the thing describes it as “amazingly fun,” though those were all from people affiliated with Minecraft A2Z, so make of that what you will.

Then again, even if all the endorsements are lies, this thing is free to play, so you don’t have much to lose by trying it out. Besides, it can’t possibly be worse than Bomberman Act: Zero right?

Source: Minecraft A2Z, via Kotaku

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