Minecraft “Printer” Builds Objects For You


Building stuff in Minecraft is so passé. All the cool kids are building stuff in Minecraft that can build other stuff for them.

Crafted by Reddit user LaserUnicorn, this inventive device is capable of “printing” full-color virtual objects measuring up to 12 blocks in height, 12 blocks in width and 11 blocks in depth. The process is slow and the machine is rather ponderous, but the act of building a virtual device capable of fabricating other virtual devices on-demand is both very impressive and incredibly meta in a very entertaining way.

Further cementing the entertainment value of this project is the mini documentary Mr. Unicorn created to document his creation. I don’t know if it’s the charming commentary — What is that accent? Dutch? — or the way he makes the presumably incredibly difficult, inventive structure sound so pedestrian, but watching that clip is far more fun than you’d have any right to expect.

Additionally, LaserUnicorn has made the thing’s map files available for free download for those of you who absolutely must have a virtual fabrication machine of your own.

Remember earlier this week when I covered that Minecraft/Bomberman mashup? I’m having a lot of trouble deciding which of the two Minecraft projects I prefer.

On the one hand, this machine is an incredibly useful tool, capable of endless creation on a vast scale.

On the other hand, Bomberminecraft lets you explode your friends.


Source: Boing Boing

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