Minecraft PS3 Edition Launches Tomorrow

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Minecraft is finally arriving on its first Sony console, with PS4 and Vita editions soon to follow.

Minecraft, Mojang’s game of creepers and block-building, is practically everywhere these days. Not only is it available for PC, Xbox 360, and mobile platforms, but it’s made appearances in schools, the opera, and even the United Nations. One of the few places it hasn’t been featured so far is for PlayStation consoles, but that’s finally about to change. Mojang’s Owen Hill recently announced that Minecraft will make its PlayStation 3 debut on December 17th, while PS4 and Vita editions are expected to launch at a later date.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will be identical to other console versions (except, I presume, for a lack of Microsoft-exclusive DLC). That means players can expect a smaller worldsize compared to the PC original, but will also find split-screen multiplayer and Friends List support. New DLC skins and texture packs will be available in the PlayStation Store shortly after release, and may even include a few Sony exclusives. There’s no word on whether the PS3 Minecraft will feature cross-play or Vita’s remote play functionality, but we’ll probably find out when the PS4 release date is announced.

Minecraft‘s previous editions sold incredibly well, exceeding 11 million copies for PC and 10 million for mobile editions alone. Now that most gamers are familiar with Minecraft, maybe the PS3 edition is where sales will finally slow down.

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s a Minecraft world, baby. We just build in it.

Source: PlayStation Blog, via Joystiq

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