Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Will Save Transfer to Xbox One


You’ll be able to take your Minecraft empire with you as you cross console generations.

Current-gen consoles are known for their aversion to backwards compatibility, so what can you do when you get to title as timeless as Minecraft? While an Xbox One version of the game was confirmed, Xbox 360 gamers were preparing to say goodbye to their empires and start over on the new console. Thankfully, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has confirmed that saves will transfer across between the two versions.

“After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm that Minecraft [Xbox 360] Edition will save transfer to Xbox One Edition,” Spencer said via Twitter, promising that more news was coming “soon” about the console-to-console transfer.

Mojang also has similar plans to plans to support transfer of Minecraft saves from Sony’s PlayStation 3 version to its PlayStation 4 version.

We assume that both of these transfers will work similarly to DICE’s Battlefield 4 stats transfer, in that they will be a one-time only sort of deal.

Minecraft for the Xbox One and the PS4 should be out some time later this year.

Source: Twitter

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