Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Begins Next Week


A five-day closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst begins on April 22.

From April 22 through April 26, select players will be able to participate in the closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The beta was originally announced in February, although no details – or dates – were given at the time other than that the beta will run for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via EA’s Origin digital distribution platform.

In a post today, Design Director Erik Odeldahl detailed what will be included in the upcoming beta. Several main missions, side missions, and “other optional content” will be available to test, with the goal of testing the Social Play and online systems prior to launch.

“Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is not only about the story of Faith and her fight against oppression. We’ve also designed the city of Glass as an opportunity for you to connect with friends and compare skills with other Runners,” the post reads. “Detailed in the developer diary video above, these Social Play features are there to make your time in Glass even more entertaining and memorable.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is slated to release on May 24.

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