Miyamoto Shows Off The Legend of Zelda, Discusses Starfox at Game Awards


Starfox will launch before The Legend of Zelda in 2015.

They say you should save the best for last, and it looks like that was The Game Awards’ strategy tonight. After presenting its final award to Dragon Age: Inquisition for Game of the Year, the Awards turned to Shigeru Miyamoto and a world premiere of next year’s Wii U exclusive The Legend of Zelda.

The actual Zelda gameplay starts around 47 seconds in, and while showing off the highly anticipated title, a couple of other Nintendo games come up in conversation. Starfox is still on track for a 2015 release, and will in fact launch before Zelda next year; and of course, the recently announced Majora’s Mask remake is coming to 3DS in 2015.

With this footage closing out the show, the first-ever Game Awards ceremony was bookended by Nintendo–starting off with Mario Maker and waiting until the end to unveil more Zelda footage. This caps off a year full of comebacks and refreshingly fun games for Nintendo, and though I didn’t need any convincing to get excited for a new Legend of Zelda, I’m certainly feeling the hype.

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