Miyamoto: “We’re Making Pikmin


Nintendo’s star designer has promised that a Pikmin game is in development.

Some fans may fault Nintendo for not announcing enough core material beyond Animal Crossing to meet their fans’ demands. Famed Nintedo designer Shigeru Miyamoto leaked a little news that may satisfy the hardcore’s hunger.

During Nintedo’s E3 Roundtable discussion between executives, designers and journalists, one press member asked Shigeru Miyamoto if he was working on any more “core titles”, perhaps another Pikmin. Miyamoto tried his best to dance around the answer, sidestepping the question and asking for the questioner who “core users” are.

“We continue investigating all types of games,” stated Miyamoto. “When it’s time to announce such a title, I’ll announce it.”

When pressed further, Miyamoto bluntly responded, “We’re making Pikmin.”

Conversation continued to other projects, but the promise of Pikmin‘s inspired more questions. Presumably a Wii project, could we see a portable Pikmin game? When will we receive word of a release date?

Gamers might just have to wait until the next E3 for more info.

Source: Kotaku

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